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Eminem is Killing Again!!

Posted by abedjechi on June 8, 2011

Eminem Aka The Slim Shady or Aka Marshall has released his album Bad Meets Evil featuring Royce Da 5’9″. The album will be officially released on June 14, 2011. Eminem is back to his old school style. He’s rapping like before and even better.

His albums in the last couple of years aren’t making enough noise as before. He was having enough trouble to concentrate on his music business. He’s back with power, good intentions and even new skills. His songs contain crazy beats and meaningful lyrics. In my opinion he will return to be king of kings again.

Recovery had been released and it was like a spark for the fans to know that Eminem is back as before and even better.

The album contains the following songs :

1.” Welcome 2 Hell”
Produced by Havoc
2. “Fastlane”
Produced by Supa Dups
3. “The Reunion”
Produced by Sid Roams
4. “Above the Law”
Produced by Mr. Porter
5. “I’m On Everything Feat. Mike Epps”
Produced by Mr. Porter
6. “A Kiss”
Produced by Bangladesh
7. “Lighters Feat. Bruno Mars”
Produced by Eminem, The SmeeZingtons & Battle Roy
8. “Take from Me”
Produced by Mr. Porter
9. “Loud Noises Feat. Slaughterhouse”
Produced by Mr. Porter

10. “Living Proof”

11.”Echo” (featuring Liz Rodriguez)


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Survive First Year of College

Posted by abedjechi on June 7, 2011

After graduating from high school, applied for a specific university and got accepted, you start wondering, what is the next step to be done to be successful in the university as you were in school? Heading to the university with a higher level of education means that you’re heading to whole new different community starting with the professors, students and ending with building and dorms. At the university you will meet and recognize a different generation of students; working students, A-list students, dumb students and the cool ones.

The real question that been facing many high school graduate students is, what can I do to fit directly to these changes? Well, this question had been answered many times but every different answer is only appropriate in the culture or the community you live in. But there are general tips that are applied all over the world that fits in any other country, community and even culture.

There are few tips that can help any freshmen in adapting to the new system at any university:

Before attending

  1. Before going to the university, try to read and understand the history of the university. This helps you in understanding what the university is based on and how it runs.
  2. Try to see the facilities and all the of the university features that interests you. This way when the semester starts, you will have a bright idea about your goals.
  3. If you have any financial issues, reading about the university scholarships and financial aids programs would help you in setting and most probably achieving one of your most important goals.
  4. Try to apply for any financial help before you attend the university, this action will help you in deciding whether you want to attend this university or any other one.

After attending

  1. Try to make new friends, friends are made easily and especially when being a freshmen.  Try to communicate with everyone spontaneously. Friends will help you adapt easily to the new community.
  2. Make a timetable to yourself and try to keep up with it. In the timetable include everything you want to do, sports, studying, hanging out, and attending classes and much more. Try to make your timetable simple but effective.
  3. Explore new facilities and new features in the university. Take a look around; see what fascinates you and what inspires you.
  4. For the first semester, register subjects that interests you, don’t get any subjects, because you are moving from one stage to another so you have to move gradually. Try to register easy subjects that you like. (when your new it’s hard for you to know if the subject is easy or hard, that’s were friends come along; let them help you choose)

These are general tips that are useful and can be done in any culture or community. I hope the information given is useful.

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Miami Heat Tackles Dallas Mavericks 2-1

Posted by abedjechi on June 6, 2011

Miami Heat won game 3 that was held at American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX. Miami ended the game with 88 points to 86 points.


Miami Heat

  • Chris bosh was partially injured but he was able to continue the game till the end.
  • Lebron James scored 17 heading in 3rd place while Chris bosh came in 2nd with 18 points and Dwayne wade finished first with 29 points.
  • Miami Heat had 20 assists, 36 rebounds (offensive and defensive) and a total of 8 steals and 10 turnovers.

Dallas Mavericks

  • Players started strong and continued strong till the end.
  • Dirk Nowitizki was the score leader with 34 points.
  • The team finished up the game with 18 assists, 30 rebounds (offensive and defensive), 3 steals and 14 turnovers.

The Lead now is for Miami Heat with a series of 2-1. The next game will be held at Miami’s hometown on Tuesday at 9:00pm.

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Make Your Life Easier With IPAD 2

Posted by abedjechi on June 6, 2011

The IPAD 2 or the second generation of IPAD is now in stores. IPAD 2 comes with an A5 processor which is much faster and much better than the Dual-core A4 which was in IPAD 1. The new features that are included in the second generation are :

  • Two cameras; front and back sides
  • Longer battery life ; up to 10 hours
  • Superfast graphics ; 9 times faster than before
  • Thinner and lighter than the previous one.

The IPAD 2 comes with different built-in features regarding Wi-Fi and 3G options. The difference between a device with 3G and a one without is that the 3G allows you to accept Sim-cards to be connected to the internet 24/7, while the Wi-Fi alone allows you to connect to any wireless only.

This device helps in business, social and family meetings. It enables you to stay connected with friends, family, coworkers and much more. It stores more than 10,000 applications to be discovered. It enables the users to write notes, journals, memos, emails, use Google maps, download and listen to music and watch videos. It contains HD games that can be installed easily.

The IPAD 2 is the new updated generation from Mac world. It is very useful in life; socially and business wise. The use of the IPAD helped me in organizing, enjoying and entertaining my life with different application that are already offered.

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Shaq Calls It a Career!

Posted by abedjechi on June 4, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal at Miami Heat

After 19 years of hard work and entertainment, Shaquille O’Neal retires from the NBA with 4 Championship rings. In the conference, Shaquille O’Neal described his feelings and he said he will miss the players, the owners, the fans and especially the entertainment with the media.

Shaquille O’Neal Started with the Orlando Magic (92-96), then transferred to L.A Lakers were he stayed for 8 years (96-04) and won 3 consecutive championships (00-02) and was named MVP of the NBA Finals all three times and had the highest scoring average for a center in NBA Finals history. In 2004 he transferred to the Miami Heat’s where he played for 4 years and earned another championship. Shaquille O’Neal has In the early 2008 Shaquille O’Neal had played for the Phoenix Suns , Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics Contributing a 1 year for each team.

Career Highlights and Awards

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